Engineering, Research and Development

With years of engineering experience, we’re the expertise between the customer and the manufacturer.

Everything we supply is to a customer’s specific requirements and drawings. We’ll source the most suitable fastener manufacturer, refine the specifications if required and handle the whole process through to delivery.

With a thorough understanding of the stringent standards demanded in industries like automotive and OEM where component quality is vitally important, we continually adapt and introduce new technologies to keep ahead of the game in both quality and innovation.

Manufacturing and Finishing

We use state-of-the-art fastener manufacturing facilities all over the world to provide bespoke fastening solutions. 

Wherever possible, we’ll use cold-forming – making products more cost effective and higher quality.

Cutting Edge Technology


State-of-the-art optical sorting machines help us work towards our goal of zero defects so we can help keep production lines running.


Intelligent CRM systems give us instant attention and flexibility so we can service our customers quickly with their requirements and documentation.

‘Zero defects’ is a popular phrase with customers. We’ve invested heavily in optical sorting machines that can efficiently sort parts through a 360 degree laser dial with additional eddy current and camera imagery sorting.

Certain parts can’t be optically sorted – if that’s the case, each bolt is thread-checked to ensure that assembly hasn’t been impaired by processing damage.

Packaging is covered by automatic machines where possible. We pack into sealed plastic bags, set to the customer’s requirement with length and weight accounted for. And we have manual packing capabilities to cover anything outside of the norm.

From fastener-specialised assembly machines to heat-shrink contamination-free packaging, we invest in technology that allows us to be more responsive, and more bespoke to our customers’ requirements.


Speed Of Supply

Getting parts to customers quickly is important but we never lose sight of quality.

We have a diverse customer network with differing requirements, and the processes we have in place mean that each customer receives what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

From the initial contact, everything we do is designed to work quickly at each stage of the process – whether we’re finishing, sorting, packaging or transporting.


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