Quality Assurance

Quality – assured

High standards and stringent requirements apply to the industries we supply to, and the components and fasteners used within them. We have processes in place designed to meet and exceed these requirements and we’re certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Our aim is a zero PPM defect rate and as well as our usual practices, we can accommodate customer-specific quality requirements at any part of the process.

Process & Philosophy


Regular in-house and independent audits as well as audited management systems ensure high quality products and safe processes on the factory floor.


Employees are fully trained and equipped with the skills they need for the jobs they do. We have full manual capabilities that include assembly, sorting, quality control and packaging.


Our dedicated team travels the world auditing our fastener suppliers to ensure they meet the standards expected by our customers. And our full time Quality Team oversees all our processes and practices on-site.


Optical sorting machines use laser recognition for 14 dimensions and material hardness.


Fasteners are packed using machines that weigh-pack them into heat-sealed bags to avoid contamination.


We supply comprehensive documentation on delivery. For the automotive industry, we provide PPAP documentation where required, including Part Submission Warrants, IMDS Submissions, CPA, MSA and Dimensional, Material and Performance reports.

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